Be local. Anywhere.
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How it works

The World is Our Neighbourhood

Localoids is a tribe of like-minded people who crave colourful cultures, meaningful conversations, real experiences and loads of fun.
We help each other in any and every way possible, whether travelling or staying local, with the aim of creating international friendships that bring the world a little bit closer together.

So everywhere in our global neighbourhood – you know you’ve got people who are just like you. An Amigo, a Comrade… a Localoid.

What you can do

  • When travelling:
    • Meet cool people living in the area
    • Get local advice to discover interesting places, and share local experiences
    • You can even stay with friendly locals
    • In return, help a Local with anything you can, like photography, or music, or by cooking them a nice meal.
    • Share your culture with them and help them practice your language while you chat or explore the area
  • When staying local:
    • Meet cool people travelling in your area
    • And why not ask for some help? People travelling might have some photography, cooking or other skills or knowledge you would like to learn
    • You can also practice a language with a Traveller as you learn about their culture or explore the local area
    • Give local advice to travellers in your area and help them discover your town and culture
    • You can even decide to host a traveller at your place