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How it works

A Global Neighbourhood

If you crave colourful cultures, meaningful conversations, authentic experiences and a generous dose of good times, then you’re well on your way to being a Localoid. Our aim is simple: we want to help each other in any and every way possible, whether we’re travelling or at home in our own awesome cities. We want to create international friendships and, ultimately, a global neighbourhood.

So wherever you’re from, and wherever you’re going, you know you’ll always find people who are just like you: amigos, comrades…Localoids.

Sounds cool. So what does being a Localoid mean?

  • When you travel you can:
    • Meet locals who are into the same things as you;
    • Get inside tips on the best things to see, do and experience in the area;
    • Return the favour by helping out in any way you can, like sharing your photography or music skills, or cooking them a delicious meal;
    • Share your culture and help them practice your language while you chat and explore their area; and
    • Potentially even stay with a local!
  • In your own city you can:
    • Meet interesting people who are travelling in your area from all around the world;
    • Practice a language with a traveller and learn about their culture as you show them around your city;
    • Ask them for some help! Who knows...they might have writing, art or other skills or knowledge you’ve always wanted to learn;
    • Help travellers discover the best bits of your home town and its culture by giving them advice and tips; and
    • Host a traveller, if you like!
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