How Localoids can help you

When travelling:
  • Make new friends and discover local life
    Meet up with locals around your shared interests, or explore something cool in the city you’re in.
  • Get advice on anything, from a real local
    Get tips on stuff like finding your way around, tipping customs, or even where to find the best coffee.
  • Help them with your language, skills or knowledge
    Know about photography, psychology, fashion, or good food? Share it, or help someone practice your native language.
When in your own city:
  • Meet interesting new friends and discover their culture
    Passionate about electronic music? Exchange your favourite local djs and venues with travellers from Berlin!
  • Top up a second language or pick up new new skills & knowledge
    Interested in improving your French and maybe pick up some photography skills? Practice both with travellers from Paris!
  • Show off your city and help travellers out with your local expertise
    Know the best way to get around, where to find the best coffee, or how much to tip? Share it with travellers from Amsterdam!

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Together, let's make travel more authentic

If you crave colourful cultures, meaningful conversations, authentic experiences and good times, then you’re a Localoid.

We're a community of travellers and locals who help each other online and in person, by practicing a language together, and by sharing local advice, skills, knowledge and experiences.

Our aim is simple: To unite global citizens, create international friendships and ultimately, a global neighbourhood.

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