How Localoids can help you

When travelling:
  • Make new friends and discover local life
    Meet up with locals around your shared interests, or explore something cool in the city you’re in.
  • Get advice on anything, from a real local
    Get tips on stuff like finding your way around, tipping customs, or even where to find the best coffee.
  • Help them with your language, skills or knowledge
    Know about photography, psychology, fashion, or good food? Share it, or help someone practice your native language.
When in your own city:
  • Meet interesting travellers and discover their culture
    Passionate about electronic music? Meet like-minded travellers from Berlin.
  • Practice a second language with a traveller
    Time to put your English, French, Spanish, German or other language lessons to good use.
  • Learn from them, put their skills to use
    Want to know more about Catalan cuisine? Why not ask a traveller to show you a recipe?

How it looks

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Together, let's make travel more authentic

If you crave colourful cultures, meaningful conversations, authentic experiences and good times, then you’re a Localoid.

We're a community of travellers and locals who help each other online and in person, by practicing a language together, and by sharing local advice, skills, knowledge and experiences.

Our aim is simple: To unite global citizens, create international friendships and ultimately, a global neighbourhood.

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